Director: Mariusz Palej

Black Mill/Czarny mlyn/Černý mlýn, Poland/Czech Republic

produced by TFP (PL), 8Heads Productions (CZ), co-produced by Polish Television, Sleepwalker, supported by Polish Film Institute, Czech Film Fund, Mazovian Film Fund, Lodz Film Fund

A twelve-year-old Ivo doesn’t have an easy life. When he was four, he witnessed his father’s heroic death during the Black Mill fire. Since that horrible night, Ivo, together with his mum, have been looking after his disabled sister – Mela. The boy does it unwillingly and cannot accept her at all. The townspeople treat the girl similarly: icily and stand-offishly. Ivo dreams of leading an average teenager’s life and spends every free moment with his friends.

This summer, they children can do whatever they want. Their holiday time passes by on biking excursions, swimming in the abandoned excavation and playing computer games together. But there is one thing they have to bear in mind – keep away from the mysterious and dangerous Black Mill. One day, children break the rule and awaken evil powers living in the mill. That, in turn, leads to a sequence of unexplained and weird events happening in the town.

Unidentified, metallic noises can be heard, electric appliances and people disappear from houses, and the sunny summer turns into a snowy winter. The spectrum of disaster looms over the town. Children have a special mission. They have to rescue adults.

Together with Ivo and Mela, those who fight against evil are Peter - a local pickle, Charles – chubby fan of X-Men comics and Natalie – a walking beauty, breaking boys’ hearts. Dressed in winter coats, set out on an excursion full of dangers. They head for the Black Mill, that looks as if it came alive.

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supported by Polish Film Institute, Mazovian Film Fund, Lodz Film Fund, Czech Film Fund