Alice (12) is a great gamer, but her hardest battle lies in real life – and is yet to be won.

Director: Marina Andree Škop

If you have kids, most probably, you have an every-day fight about reducing her or his screen time. But, have you ever thought that sometimes, escaping into the virtual world, is a sign of child’s fear of not being accepted in the real world? That is the topic that inspired us to create our feature film GameGirl.
GameGirl is a story of a twelve-year-old girl Alice who doesn’t have a single friend. She has a small handicap - she limps. And that's why she thinks no one wants to hang out with her. By projecting her fear of being rejected, she rejects the world around her. Introvert and anxious Alice is her own worst enemy! But, at the same time, noone knows that Alice is the best gamer, famous Freya who is followed and admired by everyone.
Since Alice spends most of her time gaming, it becomes the cause of numerous fights with her mother. In the middle of one of their fights, they get into a car accident.
After gaining consciousness, Alice realizes she is trapped in a mysterious computer game. Winning the game is difficult, yet possible. Alice must gather a group of young  gamers and, with their help, overthrow the Dark Queen, the boss of the game, who rules the land with an iron fist. But who should these gamers be? Alice does not have any friends! And who actually is that Dark Queen who so much resambles Alice´s overcontrolling mother? The clock is ticking and Alice has only three gaming lives. Will Alice be able to win the game and perhaps also find true friendship that will help her appreciate the beauties of the real world?

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supported by Czech Film Fund, Creative Europe MEDIA, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Midpoint Institute, Young Horizons Industry, Young Horizons Lab