GameGirl Becomes Part of Kids Kino Lab 2022

January 4, 2022

Our new project GameGirl, written by Hana Cielová, to be directed by Croatian award-winning director Marina Andree Škop, was selected for prestigious script development workshop Kids Kino Lab aimed at developing feature-length films and series for children and youth.

GameGirl, previously supported by the Czech Film Fund for complete development, tells a story of 12-year-old Alice, who has a big secret. She is great at playing computer games… But no one knows. Not even her mother, who has high expectations for her daughter.

When her mother stumbles across her secret, Alice is plunged into the world of a strange and mysterious game. She must gather a group of young gamers and, with their help, overthrow the Black Queen, who rules the land with an iron fist. Winning in this virtual realm is difficult, yet possible. The hardest battle, however, is waiting for Alice back in the real world…

A total of 13 projects will participate in the 7th edition of the Kids Kino Lab script development workshop. The projects will be developed under the guidance of script tutors Philip LaZebnik, Kirsten Bonnén Rask and Armin Prediger, with the producers simultaneously working on the development of their projects with Ronald Kruschak, producers’ tutor at Kids Kino Lab. The participants will have several sessions in Poland, Belgium and in the Czech Republic.

The first session stars already on January 11th, 2022. Good luck to GameGirl!