GameGirl Selected for m:brane!

January 27, 2023

m:brane, annual event taking place in March in Malmö, Sweden, is a unique international platform that focuses solely on unique young audiences projects in development. We are truly excited to be one of 19 projects selected for the 2023 main pitch!

Around 220 professionals from 35 countries gather during three intensive days in Malmö or online. m:brane is a strictly B2B platform where 80 producers with creative visions meet up with 60+ decision makers, buyers, distributors, experts and sales agents plus a number of professional observers. The participants get an exclusive introduction to carefully selected creative and highly innovative projects at an early stage. See the 2023 selection:

Fantasy adventure for children GameGirl, written by Hana Cileová, to be directed by Marina Andree Škop, has already been supported by Creative Europe MEDIA and by the Czech Film Fund. GameGirl was a Guest project for Midpoint Intensive CZ 2021 and was selected for prestigious script development workshop Kids Kino Lab aimed at developing feature-length films and series for children and youth, where it was developed under the guidance of famous writer and script doctor Philip LaZebnik. GameGirl was also among 27 projects selected for Kids Kino Industry 2022, international co-production forum for films and series aimed at children and youth.

The plot of GameGirl, a children’s fantasy adventure film, starts in the real world and gradually spills over into a computer game. The main character, twelve-year-old Alice, is an anxious, introverted girl with a physical handicap, unhappy at her new school. Like many children of this age, Alice feels misunderstood by both her mother and her classmates. Afraid of not being accepted, she refuses to get close to other kids and instead seeks refuge from reality in the world of computer games. Alice is a great gamer, but no one knows about it. After a car accident involving her mother and herself, Alice wakes up in the world of a mysterious game. In order to survive, she must win – and in order to win, she must become a team player. As she moves through the game, Alice learns to accept other kids as well as herself, and carries the experience back to the real world with her.