Ice Crack to be Shot in Winter 2022

August 4, 2021

Our short film Ice Crack by talented Elvira Dulskaia has been supported by the Czech Film Fund, South Moravian Film Fund and Czech Producers' Association APA.

We are about to close the financing and ready to shoot in Brno, South Moravia, during the upcoming winter. The film tells a story of a teenager Alex, the only girl in a boys' ice hockey club. A story of fight for identity. Rebellion. Love. Daughter-father relationship. The film is a coproduction of 8Heads Productions and Prague Film School FAMU. The first important step of the Ice Crack was participation at Midpoint Shorts Program, where the first draft of Ice Crack was selected in autumn 2020. Midpoint not only tremendously helped to develop the story but also enabled the authors to pitch the project at When East Meets West Co-production Forum of the Triste Film Festival 2021. After that, Ice Crack participated at East West Talent Lab – pitching forum of GoEast Festival in Germany. All these important steps were followed by production support of the Czech Film Fund, later by winning Best Master Degree Project Award at FAMUFEST (awarded by APA to Rozálie Brožková) and quite recently also getting significant support from the South Moravian Film Fund – Ice Crack was the only short film among the supported projects!