New Czech films at the Finále Plzeň Film Festival

May 23, 2010

New film by Marta Nováková 8 hlav šílenství / 8 Heads of Madness was presented by its writer/director and by its producer, Julietta Sichel, at the panel dedicated to new Czech films at the Finále Plzeň Film Festival.

Comments in the press:
The presentations began with one of the biggest surprises: Karlovy Vary programme director Julietta Sichel making her debut as a film producer with a charismatic "slightly" biographical drama, 8 Heads of Madness based on the story of a thwarted artistic genius in the person of a Russian poetess. The film, a picture of 20th century Russia with contemporary resonance, is planned as a three-four country coproduction. Like many of the projects being presented, it has already received state funding.

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