New Trailer - Ministry of Love

March 18, 2016

After many days in the editing room, our brilliant editor, Dubi Slunjski, and writer/director, Pavo Marinković, came up with the new trailer, which our World Sales, Starline Entertainment, totally loves. Watch the trailer and follow us on Facebook to discover more news about recently completed Croatian/Czech comedy Ministry of Love:

On Facebook you can see funny little notes from our creative team like e.g. this one from the director of the film himself: "The lead producer Stanislav Babić and Ron de Neef from Starline Entertainment signed the deal for International Sales. So, we have a good and experienced sales agent from Britain. From the early previews it turns out that Brits like our film: Stjepan Peric looks definetely better than Ricky Gervais! We are waiting for the Variety to write something about it....but still nothing..." Support Ministry of Love!