People from Nowhere Supported by Five Funds

March 7, 2016

Our new film, Latvian/Czech/Estonian personal story from the daughter of Cold War double agent, entitled People from Nowhere, was so far supported by five funds. The latest terrific news from the Czech State Cinema Fund came last week, the Fund ranked the project as the best documentary and third best project in all categories!

Other funds that supported People from Nowhere are MEDIA, National Film Centre of Latvia, The State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia and Estonian Film Institute. The beginning of shooting is planned for this summer, the Czech crew members should leave for pre-production meeting in Riga in a few weeks. The film is to be directed by two masters of Baltic documentary school, Jaak Kilmi and Gints Grube. Jaak described the film “as a story of a young woman in the middle of the spy games of powerful nations. She is a bystander, but also the principal character, as well as a victim of circumstance. In Ieva’s story, I am fascinated by the opportunity to enter into a world, accompanied by her, that is exciting and full of adventure. It is also a world that hides a profound family drama.“