We Were Looking for New Films at Mannheim Meetings

November 14, 2014

Julietta Sichel attended Mannheim Meeting Place from November 10th to 13th as one of the minority producers working with MMP. 8Heads Productions was looking for new coproduction opportunities and in the end took serious interest in two of the presented projects. We hope to be able to successfully join the production of at least one of them.

Currently, 8Heads Productions is as foreign minority producer at pre-production with Ministry of Love by Pavo Marinković (coproduction between Croatia and Czech Republic) with principal photography starting summer 2015.

Mannheim Meeting Place (MMP) commences each July/August for a November deadline. It is perhaps the only co-production market in the world that takes on start-up art-house film producers for a co-production matching experience that can last up to 10 weeks each year.

Apart from a pool of minority producers working with MMP from over 30 countries, MMP Residents include working world professionals from the Production, Legal, Financial, Literary, Music, Sales, Acquisition and other film industry sectors – so knowledge, talent and feedback are present throughout.

See: http://www.iffmh.de/en/mannheim-meeting-place/