• Paper City (2014)
  • Littering Prohibited (2014)
  • The New World (2011)
  • Disco and Atomic War (2009)
  • The Revolution that Wasn't (2008)
  • The Art of Selling (2006)
  • Choose Order (2004)
  • Revolution of Pigs (2004)



Curricullum Vitae

Estonian director Jaak Kilmi graduated from the Tallinn University, majoring in film directing.

He has (co-)directed and produced a string of award-winning short films, a number of documentaries and two feature films. His films have received international recognition and have often been broadcasted abroad. He is well known for his socio-critical films that deal with the Soviet era and its repercussions on today’s life. His most recognized films include: documentary fiction “Disco & Atomic War” (2009) and feature films “Revolution of Pigs” (2004) and “Came to Visit” (1997).

He is also an author of critical essays on books and films.