1996 - Spát a spát / I Want to Sleep (short fiction, B/W, 35mm, 17min)

1997 - Bez práce nejsou koláče / No Bees No Honey, No Work No Money (fictional documentary, color, Beta, 10min)

1998 - Úděl svobody / Deal of Freedom (color, 16mm, 5min)

1999 - Výheň / Furnance (TV microscene, color, Beta, 12min)

2000 - Nejlepší čtenářka na světě / The Best Reader in the World (atelier-scene, B/W, 35mm, 12min)

2000 - Duše ruská / Russian Soul (documentary, color, Beta, 10min)

2001 - V noci / In the Night (short fiction, color, 35mm, 12min)

2002 - Milion rudých růží / Millions of Red Roses (music video, color, Beta, 5min)

2006 - Marta (feature, color, DV-transcript for 35mm, 77min),




Curricullum Vitae

Marta Nováková studied at Film School in Zlín where she graduated in 1996, adapting adapting A. P. Chekhov´s story for a film entitled Spát a spát / I Want to Sleep. The short was awarded at numerous festivals, including Poitiers, Cottbus, and Augsburg, among others. During the years 1997 - 2005, she studied directing at FAMU in Prague. In 2003, Marta spent half a year as an intern at VGIK in Moscow. From 1999 till 2008 she read Russian studies at the Charles University, graduating with a major. In 2006 Marta Nováková finished the film Marta, which was her graduation film at FAMU and also her first feature. A drama on love, life and death – a rough chamber piece starring Petra Špalková. The film was very successful internationally and was presented at numerous prestigious festivals all around the world. Participation at festivals (selection) : • 11th PUSAN IFF 2006 (Korea) - Critics’ Choice • 30th MOSTRA - SÃO PAULO IFF 2006 (Brazil) • FAMU FEST 2006 (Czech Republic) - The Best Camera Award • 16th FF COTTBUS 2006 (Germany) - Spectrum - The Best Debut Film Award • 30th CAIRO IFF 2006 (Egypt) – Main Competition • 30th GÖTEBORG IFF 2007 (Sweden) - The International Ingmar Bergman Debut Award nomination • CYPRUS IFF 2007 (Cyprus, Greece) - Int. Competition: The Best Screenplay Award • 42nd KARLOVY VARY IFF 2007 (Czech Republic) • COPENHAGEN IFF 2007 (Denmark) • KOLKATA IFF 2007 (India) – in competition.

Since 2008, Marta Nováková has been working on a demanding project 8 Heads of Madness, her second feature, for which she also wrote the script. When collecting material and inspiration, she took part in several expeditions to Siberia, following traces of Stalin’s Gulag camps.