1983 – Visit Prague

1986 – Curriculum Vitae

1988 – Portrait (the 2nd Prize at the International Festival of Short Films in Huesca, Spain)

1988 - Love at First Sight

1990 – The Last Hundred Years of Marx-Leninism

1998 – Café

1998 - Let Mouse Live (Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival, Germany)

1999 – Media

2001 – Pygmalion

2003 – Four Loves

2007 – Plastic People (awarded at Techfilm Prague, winner of the CEI category at Maremetreggio Trieste 2008)

2008 – The History of the Brave Czech Nation (a TV series, co-authored by Lucie Seifertová)

2009 – Looking Back

2010 – Dog´s History (art Pavel Koutský, director Břetislav Pojar)

2013 - The Hussites animated feature-length film



Curricullum Vitae

After grammar school, Pavel Koutský studied at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in Prague where he specialized in film and television graphics. Pavel graduated in 1983 by a cartoon called Visit Prague.

Since then he has focused on animated film, namely cartoons. He is the author of many films, TV blackouts, themes and commercial spots. Koutský has participated in a number of combined audio-visual projects. He likes to combine cartoon animation with real object animation. Pavel is the lecturer of animation at FAMU, Film Academy in Prague, since 1993.

His most famous films include Curriculum Vitae, awarded the Golden Bear at Berlinale in 1987, or Media, awarded the Silver Bear and FIPRESCI Prize at the Annecy festival in 1999. He has been also awarded the Czech Lion for the best Art of Paleček story in Fimfárum 2. Recently he completed his first feature-length film The Hussites.

Pavel is currently working on several projects, including feature-length documentary with animations The Terezin Gravediggers.