GameGirl Wins Czech Film Fund Main Production Support Call!

March 13, 2024

We are very proud to announce that after 3 years of very intense development, which was supported by CE Media, the Czech Film Fund and Croatian Audiovisual Centre, our GameGirl, written by Hana Cielová, to be directed by Marina Andree Škop, produced by 8Heads Productions and co-produced by Pom Pom, has topped the main production support call of the Czech Film Fund.

“The main topic of GameGirl, the story of a girl trapped in a computer game, is acceptance“, says producer Julietta Sichel.

Director Marina Andree Škop adds on her personal motivation to create challenging films that expose young people to meaningful topics, i.e. movies they can grow up with and learn from: “In an increasingly individualistic world, I feel it is important to encourage young people to try and understand others and to accept their differences.“