Irena Kocí

Irena Kocí was born on July 29, 1974 in Ostrava. She studied JAMU in Brno, specialising in TV and radio dramaturgy and screenwriting. She was the co-author of the first versions of the script of the film God’s Rainbow (with Drahoslav Makovička, directed by Jiří Svoboda, 2007).

As an author of scripts and script editor she worked on the Secrets of Tom Wizard series (2006 - 2011) and she wrote scripts for series On Track, AZ Quiz, Living Is a Game, Hotshots, Our Czech Nature, Round the Corner. She is the author of articles, critiques, reviews, interviews and reports published by MF Dnes, Rovnost, MS Den and Zora.

Together with debuting screenwriter and director Tomáš Hoffmann Polenský, she is currently working on the script of the fiction feature Too Close to be produced by 8Heads Productions and set in Irena’s birthplace, Ostrava.


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